Yu, can do it!!! (Charlotte)


“Big brother, you can do it, leap us to the past.” Yu shouted. His eyes got wider and wider. “For the sake of Ayumi…”

“Yu, be fast, Ayumi is….”, Kumagami collapsed. “Get up, please, please tell me where Ayu is, get up Kumagami. Ayumi………”


“Are you okay?”, Tomori was standing right beside with a glass of water.

“Where am I? Where is Ayumi?”, Yu panted.

“I think you had a sort of bad dream. It’s been a week, you’re in the hospital and Ayumi is with your big brother.” Tomori held his hand,”What kind of dream did you have?”

Yu breathed heavily. ‘It was a dream. But, why now? Everyone in the world lost their ability. Then why this dream again?’

“Can you call Ayumi?”, Yu raised his head.

“Yeah…, but…., do you remember me?”

“Umm…, why this question? You are Nao Tomori.”

“Do you remember anything about me?”, Tomori looked gently.

“Yeah…, everything, I love you.” Yu smiled lightly.

“You remember everything, Otosaka. Well, that’s a fairly good news. I think I must call Ayumi and everyone else.”

“Wait…, I want to tell you something.” Yu tightened grip on her hand.

“Of course! Go ahead.”

“I am having a strange feeling since I woke up. I had a dream that we had all our powers back and they took Ayumi. We were in a kind of laboratory and Kumagami was present.”

“Well…, you need not worry about it. It was only a dream. I have texted Ayumi and she would be coming.”

Yu lowered his head. He had a strange feeling that was going stronger and stronger.

“Big brother, Yu”, Ayumi, Yusa and Takajou entered the room.

“Aaaaa……chu….”, Yu sneezed too hard. “Excuse me.”

“Has something been wrong here?”, Yusa asked. Ayumi sat beside his big brother.

“Well yeah, but the good news is that, Yu regained all his memories.”

“Congratulations Otosaka!! Well, here’s to celebrate Otosaka’s recovery. Yusarin’s special CREAM STEW.”

“Oh, you’re so lucky Otosaka. She has got it for you three times. THE YUSARIN made cream stew for you again.” Takajou bounced.

“Such a turn off..”, Tomori frowned.

“Congratulations, big brother. But, I feel there’s a bad news as well.”

“Well…, not a big one, but Yu dreamt that everyone got their powers back and Ayumi is in some sort of danger.” Tomori said while turning her smartphone off.

“Then, the dream is half true”, Yusa narrowed her eye.

“How come, Kurobane, you know it’s impossible”, Tomori questioned.

“Well, then you’ve to get yourself an eye checkup. I am Misa.”

“What!”, everyone shouted. Yu’ s heartbeat fastened. Ayumi leapt into his arms.” How’s this possible big sister.”

“Huh.., you may ask your big brother.”

Everyone gazed at Yu. He was still confused between the dream and the reality.

Bas Pyaar nahi hai

मैं हूँ, तू भी है

बस प्यार नहीं है कभी रातों में यूँ ही हँस देता है तू मुझे तू होता नहीं फिर भी तुझे महसूस कर लेती हूँ

अपने ख़्वाबों में तुझको महफूज़ कर लेती हूँ खामोशी का आलम पहले भी था, अब भी है

बस अब, उस अनकही आहट का इंतज़ार नहीं है

मैं हु , तू भी है बस प्यार नहीं है

यूँ ही नहीं एक रोज़ मुझे परदा सा अपने बीच दिखा

यूँ ही नहीं बैठे हो, नाराज़ तुम हमसे

कह क्यों नहीं देते, चंन्द अलफ़ाज़, तुम हमसे

क्या भादो की पहली बारिश में धुल गया है प्यार तुम्हारा

कुछ तो है, जो तुम्हे हम पर ऐतबार नहीं है

मैं हूँ, तू भी है

बस प्यार नहीं है

एक बात बताऊं, प्यार कभी ऐसी ही नहीं मिट सकता कुछ बात पुरानी है, दामन पर दाग लगाना चाहती है

है एक गलत फहमी, रिश्तों में आग लगाना चाहती है आँखें कर लेती जो, लफ़्ज़ों में क्यूँ करें वो गुफ़्तगू

कौन कहता है वहाँ इश्क़ नहीं, जहाँ इज़हार नहीं है

मैं हूँ, तू भी है

बस प्यार नहीं है

First Love

On a new day

in a new class

i just got the sight of the school gate

and then yours

standing behind the banyan tree

so calm and beautiful

my heart got curious about you

but my friends pulled me off

I gushed into the class

and sat on my bench

with my eyes on the door

like waiting eagerly for you

and suddenly entered 

a fascinating personality

and that was you

I didn’t know who you were

so I talked to you

you smiled and replied

Ah! your tantalizing smile

 I left you

but i realized

I lost something 

I had lost my heart

I panicked

but I felt it was safe

and it was with you

months passed

we talked

not like what I wanted us to be 

but like what you wanted us to be

one day

I felt impatient

thus I confessed

you faced off

and went 

away, along with my heart

nevertheless, I restrained

days passed by 

you came and apologized

I held your hands and stopped you

you loosened your hands

and rebuked me

and told that you love someone else

I cried 

cried relentlessely

but suddenly 

I saw you 

saw you in my tears 

i wiped them so that no one sees ya

in my tears 

in my eyes

in my heart

I still love you 

love you from the core of my heart